two more ways I’m just talking the talk

I’ve already been open about a few things I’m just “talking the talk” and not “walking the walk,” about, and that I’ve started implementing certain goals and mindsets that I think can get me more into this mode. One o f the biggest reasons I’m focusing too much on this is because of hypocrisy; I don’t want to be hypocritical, and I think I am being so when I think “hey I wanna improve or just change my life in this way” and six months goes by and I still haven’t moved from square one. I think that’s self-hypocrisy, would you agree?

One big thing I haven’t stopped being able to think about is a podcast: I want to start a podcast. But when I sit down and plan how it’s going to work I find myself in another “vegan-situation” where things are easier said than done. But in this case it’s not as difficult, it really is just finding a format to stick with. I need to start smaller than “podcast,” something with like “an impulsive audiogram,” no catchy intro or format, just me talking. I’ve tried to act natural after I’ve tried starting off with a fixed intro but I lose my mojo immediately. I don’t want to be too scripted but it looks like I’ll need something of a script.

Last night I couldn’t help but try exactly this, here’s my first impulsive audiogram!

I’ll work my way to a podcast if time permits while I’m in school.

Another thing is to adopt some kind of meditation. Something simple like sitting at a park and focusing on my breath for an certain period of time. This is something I’ve also been self-hypocritical about for at least a year. The biggest problem I have with doing this is a space to do this in. A space I don’t do anything else in. I think of the lake a couple miles away; it’ll require a short run, but I tend to complain “if only it was closer.” thinking about that, I’ve just realized that not most people live as close to a lake or large public park as I do. A certain quiet sanctuary could do, but I don’t have such a place, just that lake. I guess what I could do is run to the lake, stop use a while for meditation, and then run back home by sunset. I’m not sure if it’ll work since my idea of meditation is more calm, but this is all just my idea and I could choose it on my own, so I could use this as a start. Bad part is all this will be irrelevant in just four days when I go up to Sacramento. Actually, SacState is better for this since the school is pretty much a public park space all around. The right place at the right time should do. My issue with all this is, again, starting and sticking to it, otherwise not only have I spent so much time thinking of it, I’ve even talked about it on my blog. But maybe that’s the catalyst I’m looking for.

So those are two things I need to improve on. There’s more I’ll try getting to,  all in due time. Today I’ll try the meditation at the lake in between the run. At this point I’m several miles behind schedule for my resolution, but it’s not something today’s run can’t close in on. Maybe I should add these two things to my resolution list? Idk, I’ll think on that. :E



I have a few new resolutions that I’ll be talking about. The first couple of ideas came last December, I felt like making some resolutions on the 1st, and I’m proud to say I’ve already failed to some degree. The first resolution was to become a vegan. I didn’t know how I would make the transition when I’m not working and am dependent on the food the school’s dining commons offers, but all I had to do was look a little harder at the food being served. I cut out all meats, but was unable to avoid eggs or dairy, so I effectively had become a vegetarian. [1] The second resolution I made was to work out, pretty much. And I had no idea how to start and online articles each had their own version of where to begin and it had me too stressed out thinking how to do this all semester that I was like “fuck it” and went to what I did when I was in middle school: simple push-ups, pull-ups, curl-ups, lunges, sprints, the only thing I added was squats, I don’t think we did squats in middle school. I don’t need to worry about the right machine working the right muscle; all I need is a simple workout ethic to later build on. I just did a bit of all that every night and kept track of it, and that’s how it’s been since. The mission is to keep it up without ignoring to do it. Why I’m doing this is because, well, we all have a general idea of what happens when we really let ourselves go, and I want to be as far away from that as possible. So those were the two general ideas I started in December 1st.

And now for the 2018 resolutions:

1: Run 500 miles. This is a resolution I’ve had since 2013 or even before, but by fewer amounts, like 200, then 250, then 300, then 400, like that. Now we’re at 500. I’m skipping 450, that was for last year and I forgot to make it a resolution, so I did poorly all throughout the year since there was no goal in mind. 500 looks like a good challenge for me, and if I fail I’ll try again next year. I’m already at 13.1 miles right now.

2: 10,000 push-ups. This is the first challenge related to my December general resolution. 10,000 seems intense like too much and I don’t think I’ll make it, which is why I chose 10,000. I didn’t do any the first five days but I’m doing an average of ~40 since I’ve started, which is an average of ~20 including the days I didn’t do it, and 10,000 / 365 = 27.3 so if I’m not at that pace yet then I’m in trouble.

3: Get A’s in every class this year. If you read my previous post you’ll know that I failed myself for not really having a goal for last fall, other than to “just pass.” And I made the analogy that those who decide to be on time usually are late, and those who decide to be early made it on time. “just pass” is like “plan to get there on time:” I’ll fail in doing so because I would have failed to calculate the “traffic” on the way there. Also, an admission: I’ve never made a serious attempt to have good grades since middle school. Ever since then I’ve been in a struggle to maintain barely passing grades, and I admit it’s my mentality. I never prioritized my grades and studying the way I’m about to do so. This is an example of walking the walk that I need to do more of. I’ll need to go back to high school to apologize for all the failure I surrendered myself to; my main given purpose is to be a student so I might as well be good at it, Zeus strike me if I drop out and give up on it all together.

4: A new keyboard album. The last keyboard album was in 2015. It’s been too long, and there have been many reasons I slowed down that I’ll need to save and explore in another post, but long story short I just need to get recording yo! Another year, another demo album, one step closer to the real thing. I do have enough music to put together, but I’ll be grinding out even more to make it more worth the time, for myself really, since I’m my main audience.

So those are the resolutions for this year, struggling to be a better person is at the core of who I am, so no need to make resolutions concerning that. Love of family and friends will always come before any of my projects, so there’s no need to focus on that. Resolutions are supposed to be fun, extra, and helpful. I’ll hope people don’t lose the flame in the attempt to become something more of who they are. Let’s get creative. [2]

[1] Though, my efforts have been put to ruin by my parents; I don’t decide the food that gets made or bought here either, and meat is a well-established part of the family diet, so I couldn’t really keep up the mission. My parents were not okay with my decision (given how thin I am), and I was unable to translate my why; I wanted to make the change for moral reasons rather than health reasons. I had always wanted to make a tiny contribution to the decline in demand for meat, knowing the effects of the methane cows produce and the conditions in which the animals were living and dying in. I talked the talk in my head for so long but never considered actually doing it. I understand my parents’ concerns but I just don’t give a fuck since I know I can survive without the meat, I know how easy it is. As soon as I’m out of the home and back in school I’ll revert back to ovo-lacto vegetarianism (that’s the effective vegetarianism most associated with being a vegetarian). One thing to note real quick was that during my visit to the natural history museum in DTLA I found a little section that talked about why our brains grew so large; it was something to the tune of our diet changing from only plant based to both a plant and meat based diet. The protein in the meat contributed to the growth in our brains over time to evolve into the size we have today. Was interesting to know that.

[2] A little rebuttal/rant to people who are like “lol resolutions are stupid”: Fuck you. Make life a little more interesting for yourself, yeah? It doesn’t have to be as serious or silly, but make something of it. I get that people will make small, very much achievable goals, but sometimes we lack the capacity to test our limits. President Obama said “if you are hitting all of your marks, that means you didn’t set them high enough.” That’s what I keep in mind when I make my missions. Failure is part of the equation, not the end result.

last semester in review

I’ve been living quite comfortably at home the past few weeks during this winter break. Nighttime weather in LA is like daytime weather in Sacramento. I’ll notice complaints that it’s too cold outside or it’s too cold to go out or I should be more dressed at night, but I’d be fine.

When someone complains about the cold, I’ll immediately remember the early morning before running my first marathon; I was in total shiver mode, teeth chattering and bones breaking and the slight breeze not caring. That feeling is MY bar, if the cold doesn’t make me feel the way I did that day then I won’t ever complain. That was my standard for the past six years, and it did change about two years ago, again before running a marathon, this time instead of waiting with the slight breeze next to Dodger’s stadium it was up the mountains over Azusa. Same experience, just more of it. My hands froze though, the chill was inescapable. This is my standard; I acknowledge I’ve never spent a night in snowy weather, so there’s room for the bar to rise.

So I don’t complain about the cold, I just deal with it.

The heat though, is a different monster. There’s no standard of what is too hot for me cause whenever it gets above 87 88 I stop wanting to move. I don’t take it well, as I imagine most people don’t, since we’re already always above 95 on the inside. Sacramento heat though, making me humble about LA heat.

I love the rain, though it’s a bittersweet ordeal that I can’t enjoy and bask in the rain out loud knowing the negative effects rain has on LA. Mudslides and flooding gets real dangerous for some people, and I can’t help but feel so bad for them. But then I’ll bask.

Fall semester in review:

I fucked up. I should have done better. I have no excuse. At the moment I don’t know the exact grades, but I got an A, a B, an F, and anywhere from C to F. I can’t afford to fail or perform so badly, yet I let myself down. But I found the problem. From the start, I should have prioritized doing well. Like when teachers bring out papers that make us set some kind of goal to reach and what expectations we have for ourselves, and then we all sign it, that kiddy stuff. I had no goal in mind this semester; I left this on the default setting of ‘just pass,’ which isn’t good enough. When we plan to be on time, we will be late, when we plan to be early, we’ll be on time. I forget who I got that from but I’m reminded of this quote/idea. I planned to be just mediocre with my studying and grades and ended up failing because I didn’t take into account the ‘traffic’ that always finds its ways of slowing our mojo. So I’m treating my grades the way I treat the cold, just dealt with it.

‘Dealing with it’ is the best we can do with most of life, but I notice how willing we are to complain about everything, or taking petty things too seriously. On Twitter when some kind opinion comes up there will be a plethora of response to that and I’m thinking about the energy that could’ve been better spent on the socio-political events. I’m sure I’ll go too far in this complaint and end up somewhere petty, so I’ll just stop at that. I don’t feel right to judge what one takes up in arms, but doing something like this get me more edgy about it: like testing out a cold river with my feet for a bit.

I made a few friends and had the most conversations with stranger I’ve had in a semester, but this was too incremental, not significant enough to even call it 1% progress. I lack in my sociability but I’m still hopeful to find someone serious enough to play 11 rounds of air hockey or start a mini-golf tournament with me.

Oh this reminds me of when I see people start off a statement with “IS IT JUST ME OR”… No, it’s not just you, how can it be just you, do you REALLY think it’s just you, oh guys is it just me or am I pretentious, ugh. That’s gut feeling. But I get it, what better than to try to be funny with an overused joke. Cause in the end that’s what it is, right? Just a joke? No one REALLY thinks it can be just them, right? Right? Let’s be creative.

Oh I just realized I’m a hypocrite for complaining about what I perceive as just a joke, when this seems to be part of my earlier complaint about petty complaints, right? Damn I’m so pretentious. End sarcasm. I was originally triggered by someone who again complained about work, about their boss or coworker, and I couldn’t help but be annoyed. I had some strict supervisors and annoying coworkers but they will never guide my emotions. I get in, do my job subpar, and get out. No need to bring drama to the dinner table. Let’s be creative.

I did not travel throughout Sacramento to the degree I travel in LA, due to the lack of museums and art galleries there are. I don’t mean there aren’t at all, but I don’t want to see everything too quickly. I spent a LOT of days at the state capitol park, walking around playing Ingress (a game similar to Pokémon GO), listening to podcasts and looking for squirrels to take pictures of. That was my free time. My study time consisted of writing a paragraph, then calculating the rate I’d have to write to get the assignment or essay done on time, and repeating that process. I went from 11 words per day to 230 per hour on an essay and still got it done, or course mediocrely.

One thing I slightly regret doing was going home during some weekends. I did this maybe five times; definitely set me back more and more from my work since I couldn’t take the books or computer to continue studying. It was a waste of time but at least I got to see my cat.

Alright, I’ll keep it there. I always make it a goal to hit 1,000 words just to get my mind flowing. I’ve been itching to type the last two weeks and I finally have this little laptop I can use while I’m home. Not a fan of the tight key spaces, but there’s nothing left to do but deal with it.

Poem: Stay the Same

Pessimism, growing in enemy territory
So explain, why you’re here cultivating
She replied, enemies aren’t the ones who stab your back
But I got your back

If only fate was picking sides
But no one gets an easy ride
Some people are getting younger
Some people die of hunger
Some people die of hunger

Apothecary, carry my soul away
I’d carry you in my pocket
If you weren’t so far away
Prove to me all this pain is temporary
And it’s necessary

We’re falling down the rabbit hole
Hoping not to lose control
Some people are getting younger
Some people die of hunger
Some people die of hunger

Don’t get older
They need a soldier
They’ll throw the world
Over your shoulders

I wish this moment never came
I shouldn’t have to go away
The universe could be ours
Just put in a few more hours
Promise me you’ll stay the same
And I promise to keep it safe
All the memories of ours
With our universal power

Optimissm, leaving us stuck in traffic
So now tell me if it’s okay to panic
We can wander or we could stick to the planet
I’m sticking beside you
So carry my soul away
Cause I’ve got your back

Lyrics: Interview with the Vampires

These are ‘lyrics’ that only exist in my head. Written in 2009, these are my first lyrics ever:

I bled for you, I died for you
I crew for you, I lived for you
I killed for you, to make you safe
I bled for you, to keep you safe

There’s one problem, we can’t kill them
We are useless, ‘gainst the darkness
What lurks in there, more than a pair?
They have no blood, because they have stood

Alive Forever
Dead For never
Alive For never
Dead Forever

You bled for me, you died for me
You crew for me, you lived for me
You killed for me, to make me safe
You bled for me, to keep me safe

They will eat you, and make me stew
They are wretches, just like witches
They suck you fresh, and then your flesh
But at the night, who’ll have a fright

Alive Forever
Dead For never
Alive For never
Dead Forever

But you can’t take me alive
Do what it takes to survive
Can’t take me when I am dead
Cause I will be in my bed
We bled for us, we died for us
We crew for us, we lived for us
We killed for us, to make us safe
We bled for us, to keep us safe

What’s in our part, they got our heart
Oh, what the fuck, we got bad luck
So in the end, what can we lend?
But were all glad, cause we just had
An interview with the vampires!

Poem: Face of the Universe

Dragged down by another night
Drowning in the sight of your eyes
Caressing my soul one more time
Not anymore, evermore

Walking down another tightrope
Were you turned off by the lack of risk?
Do you wanna take the boredom back
Forever more, evermore..

To wish this moment never came
Amongst the rest
But nevertheless
How much worse can it get
Than our curse

If you get older would you please forgive
Cause I forgot
Cause we deserve
To push the nerve
Of another
Hold me one last time
You said again and again and again
And we fucked up yet again
Tell me it’s a…

When I hit the ground
As the earth surrounds
Did you get what you deserve
Did it help remove the curse

To lose the sight
Of the Universe
I follow the light
And another nurse
But they wanna fight
Away the curse

You can see beyond the scenery
The gallery already closed
Tell me I’m your enemy
Tell me to remove my clothes

If I get older would you please forgive
Cause I’ll forget
Cause we deserve
Another night to pull the strings
Of another
Tell me one last thing
Say it over and over and over
And fuck up again
Tell me it’s a..

To wish this moment never came
Amongst the rest
But alas
This is the worst that it gets
For a curse

Can you see beyond
The gallery will never close
But did you get what you deserve

Tell me I’m your enemy
Tell me to remove my clothes
But did you get what you deserve

Dragged down by another night
Lit by the face of the universe
Let my eyes follow your light
Tell me it’s all a curse.


Written while listening to “Lost on You” by LP about 5 times, 😘LP❤
You should listen to this song, she’s my favorite vocalist.
Here’s the song:

questions about death

Would you like to know the precise date of your death?

Ooo, I can’t help myself, yes. On the condition no one else knew that I knew, cause that could cause more trouble than necessary.

On the other hand, I might get depressed if it was coming soon, or who knows. I could likely develop trauma from knowing and expecting it. I doubt it’d ever leave my mind.

But, if I was given that piece of information (doesn’t matter how, like from who or where or whatnot, however intense the moment was), in this world, knowing what I know about this world, namely, that this would be nothing more than a prediction. Cause we never can really tell unless we’re the ones going to end someone’s life. The evidence to prove this would have to be an avalanche, able to destroy my preset biases against this kind of knowledge.

But let’s say I’m convinced. Yeah as cool as it would be I think I’d get depressed about it. If it was tomorrow, but I was so depressed I wanted to kill myself today, could I even do it, knowing my death is predetermined? Of course I couldn’t, and that would ruin me further. If it was predetermined and I still tried to end it one day prior, it might just be the injury that took a day to end me. I would not be in control of my life, and I’d likely set myself up for misery. You could be like “yeah but if our days are numbered and you know exactly that number than you could make the best of every day until that day and the quality of your life would increase,” but I’d tell you “nah I have a genetic disposition to get depressed, so that path is simply more likely.

But let’s say you’re right. Let’s say I find the motivation to give every day my all and more, and be happier..

Just kidding, I wouldn’t be motivated. I’d keep it to myself to the next life.

How might knowing when you’ll die help you plan your life?

Oh, I think I already answered this above. I feel like I’d lose control over my life. I mean, whether we knew or not, things would happen as they had to have, and knowing the date would do nothing but prove determinism: the notion that everything in the universe is determined, is set in stone to happen, that we have no way to will ourselves away from our fates. Something like that. There’s something sinister in realizing that everything in the universe other than us is guided by the natural forces of physics. What makes us think we’re special? That’s a debate I barely know anything about, so I’ll keep it there. hah..

Is life enhanced by feeling that death could strike at any time?

That’s the status quo, that’s what we’re living right now. It does motivate me, and it doesn’t drive me crazy not knowing. In fact, it does help not knowing, but we wouldn’t be able to compare right? Only if there were other universes, one in which we knew, and another in which we looked at the other two universes where we knew or not, the universe where we are comparing it might find some differences, but it would’ve help since we’d never know either way, or since we’d know either way.. that’s kinda weird to picture maybe. Let me start over..
Yes, not knowing when I’d die seems better. I could die in one day or in 60 years, and keeping it in mind that it could happen in any moment is definitely a motivation to keep improving in character.

Is life enhanced by not thinking about death at all?

Hell no. I feel like death is a topic lots of us avoid, because of just how yucky it feels to consider our death, or worse yet, a loved one’s death. And then a loved one dies and some people can’t handle it. It just rocks their foundation for months and then a year and they’ll be broken till forever. Therapy is the best solution, but many people don’t consider it.

I’ve thought about loved ones dying a LOT. About my grandparents, and I know it will shatter my heart when it happens, but when I’ve brought this up before to others they are grossed out by the thought experiment. There’s a fear of not caring enough when it happens, which I think is bogus. The initial impact will be the same in my opinion, but it won’t affect my performance in school or work as much against actually thinking of it. I always come to cherish individuals when I think of losing them; I’m not saying I’m thinking of people dying all the time necessarily, but of more prevalent things like losing friendships to time. Every day we spend unconnected to someone is one more day we teach them to live without us, vice versa. Thinking of the potential loss makes me not want to lose it, cherish it more, ya feel? I hope you feel cause that makes my task here easier.

Think of losing people and voila you’ll be able to handle losing them. Sounds rash, but it works.

If you knew someone was dying, would you tell them the truth or deceive them about it?

Ohmygosh these questions get heavier.

I would deceive them. This is similar to why I wouldn’t want to know for myself. I think it’s a benefit for the agent to cherish their moments. It’s definitely a challenge for us if we see that person not living to their fullest, but who are we to judge? Since I wouldn’t want to know, I wouldn’t let others know. Kill me.

How many more years do you think you’ll live?

Gotta be careful with my words here.
My life expectancy is what, 86? I’m at least one quarter of my life through. If what the older folk keep saying is true, time is going to fly by. Who knows? I like to stick with base rates, or averages. So I’ll go with mid80s as my expectancy. There’s no reason for me to believe I’ll hit the luck of dying much sooner or much later, because most of that will be down to fortunate/unfortunate luck.

K, j’ai fini ici.

Washing roomates dishes

Before I begin let me apologize for any typos. I took off the feature of self-correcting text on my phone in order to challenge myself to text better, so I know I will be making more mistakes than I should. Also this is one of those rare moments I write from my phone. It’s 2am and I can’t sleep but I don’t want to wake up the computer anymore. I take naps in the afternoon to have more time to do stuff but at this hour I don’t do more than dine and think and workout and dance to disco music (always in that order), so I know I need to work on being more productive at this hour. Next week is finals week. Kk..

I have a roommate who does not wash his dishes; they pile up to the point we have no dishes we can use. I have two self rules: “keep the kitchen clean,” and “immediately clean up after yourself.” So you can see how much synergy my roomate and I have in the kitchen.

I don’t blame him, I’ll start there. Blaming people over their habits is the right thing to do, I wouldn’t get in the way of someone’s blame if it was well deserved, but it still just isn’t my thing to do. I’m too calm to let other’s acts trigger me to blame.

“Keep the kitchen clean” should be easy for one to understand.. Just keep it clean hah! There’s no purpose in keeping things unclean, even garbage trucks are cleaned often (one might say otherwise but we only often see them in action). Lots of homes when you enter have kitchens as the first room one walks into. There’s the idea of first impressions. So for a nice first impressions let’s keep the kitchen or living room clean, yeah? I don’t mean to beat a dead horse.

“Immediately clean up after yourself” is a different story. It’s my response to how many people live. Many. A lot of us don’t care about being responsible in cleaning up after ourselves. We litter public places with little consideration for outcome. I’m always puzzled as to why we do this. I can see myself doing it if I felt like a piece of shit human being and that means I’ll be depressed. But even when I’m depressed I don’t fuck over the world, because I get that it’s my own internal battle and no one else should pay for it. So I’m left clueless and too stubborn to judge.

Anywaysss to get to the issue. I see the dishes and I get that there’s an expectation of responsibility over my cleanliness and that others do not have that responsibility. These guys are all younger than me, and within the two years of advantage I have over them I can recognize that two years ago I did not walk the walk as much as I talked it (and by talked it I mean kept to myself cause I’m always a loner). To be responsible we gotta grow up, and we all grow up at different rates. I say most of it is out of our control but we need the challenges sooner than later either way.

I can respect their responsibility to clean up after themselves, but my grandma would not exactly do the same. She would ask me to clean the dishes regardless of whether they are mine or not. I can see why it makes more sense to listen to this inner abuelita in me; it at least gives me the opportunity to take on more responsibility than I need to. Doing this helps us grow up faster. Right, abuela?

If we always waited and expected others to clean up after themselves, beaches and city parks and river banks would just get dirtier and dirtier with litter. This would prove my observation that lots of people do not care to be responsible enough to clean up after themselves, they’d rather use it as their trash bins or whatever the fuck they think the world is to them. Now, I’m an optimist foremost so if one thinks I’m being too rash in saying LOTS of people don’t care, look, one person to shit on the world is enough to cause too much collateral damage.

And then those same people will complain that the local or regional or national government’s sanitation departments suck, and more unnecessary government policy will be created rather than focusing on personal habit. They already have too much on their hands but no fewer are willing to lend theirs.

This is why volunteers are heroes. They take on more responsibility than they need to, and they grow faster from the experience. To inflict certain pain on oneself in the name of competency in life. Volunteers take the challenge because they understand the gravity of the situation and have the time for such possibility. Lots of people have extra time on their hands, but I digress.

So there’s my unnecessary reasoning for why I washed all my roommate’s dishes, and why we should be more responsible than we need to be. It took time but the best things in life aren’t quick things, right abuela?

questions on animals

Can animals reason?

I don’t think most animals do. There are definitely species who have more sophisticated methods of communicating with us and themselves, if they can do it with us at all, and I’m thinking of dolphins or chimpanzees. Though there are clear ways to see they can’t reason as much as we can; we can reflect on our desires the way animals cant: Both humans and non human animals can want shelter, food, sex, but animals don’t regret or second-guess or make evaluations on their actions, much less on their desires, as we do. Hell, we even regret things we do as we do them.

Imagine a dog second-guessing himself, or a cat regretting her decisions. That’s not what they do; that’s the job of the cartoonist.

Do animals have rights?

Sure, we grant them their rights, as we do for ourselves. Given, we don’t treat them as we do ourselves, but that’s the resulting attitude of the dominant species. Since we’re above them, and they taste exquisite, we’ll eat them too. My diet has been slowly moving away from meat, it’s considerably less meat in the last six months, and I intend to acquire a vegetarian diet once I have full control over my life (as as full-time student with limited resources and no job, it’s not as easy as I’d like).

We even grant a few animals the privilege of being in our homes as pets, and fewer of those on our beds, heck, even with their own beds, heck, with their own beds on our beds. Some of them gotta be in cages tho, or glass tanks. That’s a privilege. And some we grant the privilege of longevity of life in zoos: larger cages.

I’m not saying it’s all bad, but I’m saying the rights and privileges we give animals are pretty weird. Birds don’t belong in cages. Snakes and fish don’t belong in tanks. Dogs and cats are miniature and less dangerous versions of dinosaurs that have the primary purpose of being pets, so they get the golden ticket. Wild animals being domesticated for showing them off. Sure, if we don’t do this, then I never would have been able to see a lion from 40 feet away; so there’s that edge of the sword.

If we eat chickens, why not dogs, dolphins, or babies?

Because they don’t taste as great.

I’m not sure, maybe it can be that chickens are easier to produce than those other animals. I mean, I understand that it sucks but if we have to have meat eaters then chickens are faster to make. Human babies (assuming the question refers to human babies…) take 9 months, dolphin babies take a year, sooo. And it’s not like other places don’t eat these other things, we just eat chickens in the states more cause we’ve mastered the production of it. My preference is only to eat free range dairy/eggs, though as I’ve said I can’t make that call yet.

If super-intelligent aliens want to eat humans, are they wrong?

Nope. “a chicken eye for a chicken eye” mentality here. We were the dominant species letting it be known, and if they want to eat us, well the least we can do is fight them at first, then be born into the production line. *winky face goes here…*

I can get into a side rant of people being more hypocritical than they think they are. No one wants to focus on the bad side of themselves, they’ll remember the good things others or themselves have to say about them, but quickly reason out of or hide from any criticism that they might fall under.. so of course we won’t admit sometime’s we’re hypocritical, but we are. Always. We like to think we’re the better angels. And then we never change cause there’s nothing to change, or cause change is harder than the norm. But yaaa tangent!

If meat can be grown using stem cells, is there any reason not to eat meat?

People will definitely say YO NAH GET AWAY THAT AIN’T REAL BACON..

But I’m down. As long as it’s regulated and not too tampered with, and the taste made similar to what it’s trying to imitate, then I’ll have no problem with it. I mean, that’s only because the argument I make about not wanting to eat or harm animals is because all beings deserve to flourish on earth in any way we can make it so, they don’t deserve the pain we inflict them. If we can replace having to hurt them and mass produce them, then it’s worth the shot.

If you can be an animal for a day which would you be?

This is the toughest question yet. After many a thought I think I’ll go with being a bird. A pigeon. In downtown LA. See the city from above. I’d spend the day looking for abandoned buildings or rooms and getting meals in grand central market. I’d go with the wind from high spaces and fly with the crowd to figure out what all that fuss really feels like. I’ll ask around for places where the peopleeee feed, then get beaten up for asking so openly (there’s pigeon gangs ya know). No no I’ll look for photographers and get in their way for some spectacular shots of myself. Then I’ll start a jazz band and call it The Pigeons and our first record album will be called “Here We Come” and I’ll know just the guy to reach for a cover idea. Yup.

So to recap on these animal thoughts:

  • We’re better than them cause they can’t do stuff like regret their actions.
  • We’re better then them cause we can eat them in so many ways.
  • We’re better than them cause we have the capacity to recreate their meat.
  • I’ll be a pigeon for a day. I’ll be in a band called The Pigeons.

Here’s a picture I made 5 years ago:

The Pigeons - Here We Come.jpg

I’ve been feeling really anxious lately. Hopefully it didn’t translate in this post as seemingly condescending. I think I did. *winky face goes here…