New Song: Pocket Apothecary It's been a while since I recorded music, something with vocals I should say. I had already done vocals for this track but I never liked how it would come out. Last night I just felt super defeated and depressed and what not, a bit more than usual, which is the emotional state I … Continue reading New Song: Pocket Apothecary


San Juan Capistrano and San Luis Rey Missions

I visited two more CA missions on my mission to visit all the missions. These were new to me, and that raised the total number to 5 or 6. Theres still so many to visit, pretty much all the missions north of LA. Capistrano was epic cause a big section of it was destroyed from … Continue reading San Juan Capistrano and San Luis Rey Missions

the break

I'm looking out the window a lot this morning because it's finally raining. It's a different kind of gray from what we've seen the past two weeks. The forecast the past weeks has been literally Smoke. Newspapers had called Sacramento one of the most contaminated cities in the world for a brief period, more than … Continue reading the break