my grandfather passed away

The only grandfather I got to know just passed away. I grew up one summer seeing him in Guadalajara when I was a kid, but he would come to the States with us every few years. Boy was he quite the character. Let me tell you about him. His energy was always off the charts. … Continue reading my grandfather passed away


Disintegrae (Poem/lyrics)

Watch out They're searching through the woods you're wandering They wanna stop the pondering The upward spiral If you hum along They won't find the path we're on We have nothing they need Nothing already gone But as for her Torn youth and thick hair Spun around her neck So the men couldn't care They … Continue reading Disintegrae (Poem/lyrics)

questions: harsh truth, free will, meaning of life

Answering questions from ~this site page~ part 1 So I found this article on philosophical questions to ask.. That's almost word for word what I googled. I’m going to dedicate most of the future posts about me answering questions on these particular questions. I'm just gonna go down the list a few questions at a … Continue reading questions: harsh truth, free will, meaning of life