Poem: Pillow Knows Better

(written 3/2/18) My eyes are tired Her love expires Let's settle for less and call it a day My arms are falling The blanket's calling Tomorrow sounds so good anyways We all need a break From breaking apart From taking a chance From making a dance up I wanna withstand the terror But the pillow … Continue reading Poem: Pillow Knows Better


Poem: Pocket Apothecary

Pessimism, growing in enemy territory So explain, why you're here cultivating She replied, enemies aren't the ones who stab your back But I got your back If only fate was picking sides But no one gets an easy ride Some people are getting younger Some people die of hunger Some people die of hunger Apothecary, … Continue reading Poem: Pocket Apothecary


We ended up spending three more days at Yosemite. I didn't enjoy the second half as much though because we didn't have much planned as compared to the first half. Some pictures from Yosemite taken on my camera before it died: Crossing the river through this tree was a little riskier than last time, given … Continue reading Meaning