a year since “Nohemi”

It’s been a year since the terrorist attack in Paris. The one American life lost in that event was Nohemi Gonzalez, CSULB student from El Monte, my hometown. It shocked me, opened my eyes a little more to the numbness from the terror around us. That event also inspired me to immediately record this track. It was the first track I recorded for the album “Tempted to Live,” which was about loneliness and losing loved ones. I put it as the final track to remember, after each time I listened to the album, why the album even exists. It reminds me how insignificant my pain was in comparison to what Nohemi and her family had experienced.

The weight of the world gets heavier each day, and you survive the weight by becoming stronger than you were the day before.


I don’t like small cages. They’re up for no good. I rarely go to the swap meet, but when I do and see the cages I turn around.

Birds shouldn’t be kept in cages. They don’t exist for that. If a kid likes a certain bird he/she should just draw it or write about it or take a photo of it and print it and frame it, not incarcerate it.

Also when I was running the New Years Race last Saturday, I was surprised to see the #BlackLivesMatter protesters in front of city hall. It’s not exactly that I didn’t expect them there at 6pm, but my mind was set on finishing the 10k. I wanted to go up to a woman and ask her about her story. If I’m in LA again I might just approach the group if I can. It was the first time I explained to my 10 y/o sister about racial discrimination. Hopefully she got the message. She took this pic of me:


You know those people who turn #BlackLivesMatter into #AllLivesMatter? I wish those well intentioned members of society could get stuffed into enormous marshmallows, get hung over a bonfire, then eaten by three enormous pelicans. Also throw in the families with birds in cages. They’re all missing the point.

Anyways here’s a drawing I made, titled Ouon.