New Album: Tempted To Live

First time in almost four years I both have an album with vocals and one made with a keyboard instead of the usual upright. It took me a while to settle with a set list. It’s my latest album in 13 months.. that’s quite a gap for me. :3

The concept/lyric in “Tempted To Live” is borrowed from a poetry project I wrote in the past year titled “My Escape.” It entails an individual who spends time at a bridge, looking at the reflection of a beautiful sky through the river. He falls in love with the sight, visiting often, eventually creating a world of castles and wilderbeasts using the clouds; he daydreams being up there, away from reality (known as The Monsters). Conflict begins [this is where the piano album begins] when it starts raining and there seems to be no end, resulting in a stream of grey each time the individual looks into the river, to which his character begins regressing. After a few weeks of manic depression (bipolar disorder), he comes to the inference that if he ‘jumps through the grey’ from the bridge, he can find that beautiful sky once more.16 Tempted to Live.jpg


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