I don’t like small cages. They’re up for no good. I rarely go to the swap meet, but when I do and see the cages I turn around.

Birds shouldn’t be kept in cages. They don’t exist for that. If a kid likes a certain bird he/she should just draw it or write about it or take a photo of it and print it and frame it, not incarcerate it.

Also when I was running the New Years Race last Saturday, I was surprised to see the #BlackLivesMatter protesters in front of city hall. It’s not exactly that I didn’t expect them there at 6pm, but my mind was set on finishing the 10k. I wanted to go up to a woman and ask her about her story. If I’m in LA again I might just approach the group if I can. It was the first time I explained to my 10 y/o sister about racial discrimination. Hopefully she got the message. She took this pic of me:


You know those people who turn #BlackLivesMatter into #AllLivesMatter? I wish those well intentioned members of society could get stuffed into enormous marshmallows, get hung over a bonfire, then eaten by three enormous pelicans. Also throw in the families with birds in cages. They’re all missing the point.

Anyways here’s a drawing I made, titled Ouon.



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