I’m a heavy sleeper, and because of that I never dream at night. My nights are pitch black, and I understand it’s likely that I am dreaming; but I retain none of that once I wake.

BUT! I can dream when I nap! Because naps are like a taste of sleeping, I can recall most of those dreams. And man are those dreams something. Once I wake from a nap I record everything that happened, and those notes become a base for my literature.

The thing is, I hate naps. They seem counterproductive, at least for me, cause I can easily switch from creative writing to playing piano or guitar or my dice hobby or crafts or drawing or painting or reading or using old books for arty crafts or cleaning my piles of paper or more piano or playing soccer with the kids or playing freeze tag with the kids or playing board games with the kids or playing any other game I come up with on the spot. I can’t afford to spend my time napping.

And I know I gotta change my mindset on napping, cause without dreams, I’m quickly drained of my manually thought ideas. Dreams are like involuntarily created ideas, and those are insanely better.

So in an effort to harness that unconscious gold, I’ve planned actual napping dates; days where all I do is nap and watch videos on YouTube and listen to indie pop. And this will start within the next few weeks. I mean, I already do that when I get home from school, minus the napping, but I bet ya I’ll end up with the gold I so much run out of.


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