Resolution: Best Marathon Time Yet

One priority is to finish the ASICS L.A. Marathon 2015 with my best time yet. Here are my previous times: 2010: 6:03:?? 2012: 4:57:03 2013: 5:15:?? And 2015 is planned to be my fourth and last L.A. Marathon cause of the increasing price. I'm gonna focus on other cheaper marathons hosted on beach cities. So I've … Continue reading Resolution: Best Marathon Time Yet


Intru tu Elmu

    2014 was an adhesive year for me. I sharpened my mindset, but had to ditch it completely and start from scratch. It was a defining year, not of my purpose (I had come to that two years ago), but of my way of being and seeing. I realized I had to abandon my old … Continue reading Intru tu Elmu