The Delicious Egg Sandwich!

The Delicious Egg Sandwich!



Impression of “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”

Since a new updated series of Cosmos is soon to air, I decided to watch the first original series by Carl Sagan, and I don’t have the immediate vocabulary to describe how awesome it is.

The into sounds beautiful; it draws me in immediately. Carl’s voice is amazing as well.

I’m so far on episodes 5 and 6, taking notes because who knows.

I’ll be looking forward to the new series withΒ Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Cough Fee (Draft)

There’s this girl in my Geography class that coughs a lot. Her hair always looks disheveled, so by now, it’s pretty exquisite. Her socks never match, but she always wears one of those hats that hold fruit, but without the fruit. Her hair starts off glossy cranberry, but apple cider at the edges, and split. She seems very pale compared to other vampires, but it’s not really a bad thing; she’s unique.

Anyways, a couple months ago this crazy epidemic started, and many people have died by now. It’s an airborne spread, and coughing is the red flag. Last week the government imposed a new cough fee, and the penalty was isolation, basically. Katherine though had already been coughing badly for years before the virus, and it’s harmless. Annoying, but harmless.

Tomorrow is the day they come to inspect, expect, and suspect us, and for the first time, I think I speak for the rest of the class when I say we’re worried for her. She doesn’t believe in taking medication, but she said it with a flame in her voice that was already succumbing. Maybe she’ll just miss school, I mean, the attendance office would be too worried to concentrate on their work anyways to be able to catch it. Who knows..

My neighbors were all taken last night, and it was horrifying to witness. Vans.. many vans came, many hazmat suits, ransacking The Thermometer of the infected. I was in the garage peering through the top crack. All I could really distinguish were the flashing lights and Hazmat suits running in groups of three.. groups of three..

Katherine is already an isolated person, so her disappearance shouldn’t seem like it would demoralize us. But it will. I mean, she’s not infected, she just coughs a lot. And knowing that, it’ll be bad for her. No one’s going to expect her tomorrow in class. I shouldn’t either.