Tragedy at the Circus [album 1 – 9/25/11]

I was waiting to reach the 2nd anniversary of having this album, but ehh..

This is the first album I made, throughout all of freshman year. It was a slow process, but I was finally able to record it nearly a full year after being in piano class. The teacher sucked; I taught myself and other friends and classmates, including seniors, which was cool. I’d have a lot of time to spare in piano class, so I spent most of it making these 13 songs. The title track was the first ever made, and took like 6 months. Some were derived from that song; They’re all mostly ordered by chronological order. It was hard recording, but worth it to me. I don’t listen to it often though. Try to enjoy it though. It’s a concept album, following a tragic number of circus acts, and the entire place burning down, killing everyone…



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