Bow Down To Ray – Part 2

Alright, so let’s start with the band leader, Everyone.

Everyone sucks. Bottom line.
Pedro is always out of tune, Danny is always out of ideas, Elmo is never loud enough and misses too many practices, Sarah can’t even hold drumsticks, Kevin is always out of butt hole room, and Martin is always cheating on us with other bands. You wouldn’t be able to tell we actually got along.

In half an instant though, Pedro got slightly better at guitar, Danny f*cking dominated the idea floor with ‘Gotta Let You Go’, Elmo had lemonade or water to spare, Sarah was the best drummer in the damn school, and Martin dumped us to play with himself. Kevin? his butt was still fitting at least, by the surname Johnny Lunes, which blew everyone’s damn mind off for now knowing who it was for some time. Who’d’ve known it was the guy closest to our junk.

The band name was founded when everyone was playing.. Blitzkrieg Bop I believe, and at the end, everyone started throwing profanic words at one another over excitement, and then one of the bad words was Ray. Ray, a cute stuffed sting ray… someone screamed Bow Down to Ray, and it stuck.. much better than the sour name, Sweet Noize. I’m excluding a bunch of details, and they’ll call me out on that, but that’s really all I know. I got the ray, set him on the one comfy chair, and took a picture of him with my iPod, and edited that. Here’s Dannie’s favorite version of Ray:

I should probably interview one or two of the rays one day, for some new info, but that’s all I have to say for now… <4

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