Santa Esmeralda – Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

This song is awesome.

I haven’t watched Kill Bill.. idk idc


Tragedy at the Circus [album 1 – 9/25/11]

I was waiting to reach the 2nd anniversary of having this album, but ehh..

This is the first album I made, throughout all of freshman year. It was a slow process, but I was finally able to record it nearly a full year after being in piano class. The teacher sucked; I taught myself and other friends and classmates, including seniors, which was cool. I’d have a lot of time to spare in piano class, so I spent most of it making these 13 songs. The title track was the first ever made, and took like 6 months. Some were derived from that song; They’re all mostly ordered by chronological order. It was hard recording, but worth it to me. I don’t listen to it often though. Try to enjoy it though. It’s a concept album, following a tragic number of circus acts, and the entire place burning down, killing everyone…


My Typical Morning.. (and got carried away)

So after realizing it was too late to be early, I got up and turned on the computer, a little sad.

Every early morning, I go and release the dogs. I’d take the blanket off of the gate next to the garage, and open the gate quickly. Immediately Pepper and Rokan come out all happy, sometimes surprised, since I’d come up to them without them noticing. Then,Β I’d open the garage so Tiger could get out, then unhook the leash, and they’d all go off at full speed around the front of the house.

Tiger would mark his territory everywhere, Pepper would run to the front door hoping it was open, and sometimes it was, and Rokan would go to the fig tree and eat the fallen figs. I’d go follow Tiger around seeing that he doesn’t defecate near the neighbors’ door, then I’d have to go inside the house and get Pepper out, then I’d have to go to the fig tree and bring down some good figs for Rokan. Then I’d repeat myself.

Three in every five mornings, Pepper attempts to escape into the street, and two in every three of those five mornings, she does. Rokan is a momma’s boy, so he’ll follow, and Tiger would join his sister just because. Then, they’d run almost full speed, marking territory and whatnot, and simply turn the corner and go on. I’d stay calm, never get mad, and wait for a while before walking, then walk. if they went too far, I’d wait longer… I’m always emotionally prepared for the moment any of them get hit by a car or get attacked by a bigger dog. I’d walk.

The dogs would eventually start heading home, but not cause they wanna go home, just because. When they see me, they cross the street and run home. They’d go through the now open gate, and not get out till I return. that’s when I run. I’d tie Tiger back, and the other two go to the side of the garage.

They know they did something bad, and they expect me to smack them or something. In the past I’d threaten them with a plastic bag, but never truly hurt them. I still never do. I’d put all the anger and worry aside, and hold them. Everything would be good, and I’d head inside the house…

…but when I got home, there was blood. Three bodies on the ground, in puddles of blood. My parents,and my sister! The fishes Arnold and Anchovie were also floating in bowls of blood, and, at the center of the kitchen wall, there was a note. I walked too slowly to the note, past my father. My sister was beneath where the note was, and I couldn’t.. I was sweating cold, completely, and finally had a hold of the note. I pulled it, and read it.

“We found you. Make your move.”

It was signed: Lance Z., King of the West.

This was it. The real fight has just begun. I ran to the back of the garage and threw down a bunch of clothes and boxes that were in the way of a drawer, then moved the drawer. There was a hole. I jumped in, and immediately all the things that had been knocked over floated back into place.

I forgot to feed the dogs…

(to be continued…)

Bow Down To Ray – Part 2

Alright, so let’s start with the band leader, Everyone.

Everyone sucks. Bottom line.
Pedro is always out of tune, Danny is always out of ideas, Elmo is never loud enough and misses too many practices, Sarah can’t even hold drumsticks, Kevin is always out of butt hole room, and Martin is always cheating on us with other bands. You wouldn’t be able to tell we actually got along.

In half an instant though, Pedro got slightly better at guitar, Danny f*cking dominated the idea floor with ‘Gotta Let You Go’, Elmo had lemonade or water to spare, Sarah was the best drummer in the damn school, and Martin dumped us to play with himself. Kevin? his butt was still fitting at least, by the surname Johnny Lunes, which blew everyone’s damn mind off for now knowing who it was for some time. Who’d’ve known it was the guy closest to our junk.

The band name was founded when everyone was playing.. Blitzkrieg Bop I believe, and at the end, everyone started throwing profanic words at one another over excitement, and then one of the bad words was Ray. Ray, a cute stuffed sting ray… someone screamed Bow Down to Ray, and it stuck.. much better than the sour name, Sweet Noize. I’m excluding a bunch of details, and they’ll call me out on that, but that’s really all I know. I got the ray, set him on the one comfy chair, and took a picture of him with my iPod, and edited that. Here’s Dannie’s favorite version of Ray:

I should probably interview one or two of the rays one day, for some new info, but that’s all I have to say for now… <4