Bow Down To Ray – Part 1

I’ve been waking up really late at knight. Around three or sow. Maybe it is because I go to bed early, since my sister hogs up the computer. I’d rather use the motherboard than any of the laptops.

I was in a band named Bow Down To Ray. It’s dead now, partly because they were all caught smuggling heroine inside all their drums and acoustic instruments. They played hip hop, rap, and disco rock…

No no, jk.. Bow Down to Ray is an amazing active band that plays alternative/indie/something.. they have a style. I was their pianist for some time, and we used to practice at my garage, but my own music called for me, complaining that I didn’t pay much attention to my own stuff than usual, so I had to quit. And yet, I’m on indefinite hiatus, but more on that some other time.

I saw them play at our school’s Battle of the Bands and reach second place. I was very happy for them! I’m too lazy to find the video, but here’s their logo(?):


I’ll talk more about the band some other time, If I could find that video.

This’ll be an intro to them then, I’ll get more in depth as time goes on.


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