The Police Force of Brintington

Today I did quite a lot.. for today.

~15 miles to the dam and back through the river trail on my scooter. Saw the football (soccer!) game. Went to the Valley Mall to buy Arnold the 1st and a muzzle for Rokan. It doesn’t sound like too much, but two trips on my scooter is uncommon. My back hurts.

I’ve named every little Siamese fighting fish Arnold, except for the last one, Leo. I’m not sure how many exactly I’ve had, or else this new Arnold would be Arnold the 7th or something.. A fresh start is always good though. Unless it’s not.

Rokan is my 3rd favorite chihuahua I have.. out of three. He barks wayy too much at night, but I wouldn’t know, being a heavy sleeper, though not heavy. I weigh an average of 115 pounds (my average). I’m not worth 115 pounds though, maybe more. I haven’t been weighed in Europe yet.

On my way home, I encountered a random title.. The Police Force of Brintington. It’s funny to me, something I’ll keep in mind. I also came up with two names: Freddie Campus and Tom Fimbernickel. Funny right..? I may write a story concerning this one day.


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