I wish I had some of these fish.. they humor me.


Took these at the Aquarium of the Pacific.


Bow Down To Ray – Part 1

I’ve been waking up really late at knight. Around three or sow. Maybe it is because I go to bed early, since my sister hogs up the computer. I’d rather use the motherboard than any of the laptops.

I was in a band named Bow Down To Ray. It’s dead now, partly because they were all caught smuggling heroine inside all their drums and acoustic instruments. They played hip hop, rap, and disco rock…

No no, jk.. Bow Down to Ray is an amazing active band that plays alternative/indie/something.. they have a style. I was their pianist for some time, and we used to practice at my garage, but my own music called for me, complaining that I didn’t pay much attention to my own stuff than usual, so I had to quit. And yet, I’m on indefinite hiatus, but more on that some other time.

I saw them play at our school’s Battle of the Bands and reach second place. I was very happy for them! I’m too lazy to find the video, but here’s their logo(?):


I’ll talk more about the band some other time, If I could find that video.

This’ll be an intro to them then, I’ll get more in depth as time goes on.

Instagram Bullshit

Ya know something I don’t get? Having to ask for permission to follow someone on Instagram! It’s pointless! I’m not gonna ask for your permission to see an unnecessary amount of selfies and Starbucks coffee! That’s not friendly of you either. Most people would put on their bio or their lms statuses that they wanna basically be more friendly and have more friends. And yet you have the audacity to require people’s permission to see photos of your ugly baby cousins, or the food you just fucking ate or are about to. Doesn’t make for a friendly person to me. I mean, at least you lose my love by about 15%.

So, I’m not gonna ask for your permission to look at Starbucks coffee and the shit your fed into your stomach, through your intestines, and out your anus, having taken a whole new form.

Take a picture of THAT, jackass!


This is one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken of my dogs. Her name is Lacy, a very shy and sweet person. She had the smallest snout of the litter. Always messed with Tiger. Her tongue was short and cute too..

I wonder how she’s doing at her new home..Image

The Police Force of Brintington

Today I did quite a lot.. for today.

~15 miles to the dam and back through the river trail on my scooter. Saw the football (soccer!) game. Went to the Valley Mall to buy Arnold the 1st and a muzzle for Rokan. It doesn’t sound like too much, but two trips on my scooter is uncommon. My back hurts.

I’ve named every little Siamese fighting fish Arnold, except for the last one, Leo. I’m not sure how many exactly I’ve had, or else this new Arnold would be Arnold the 7th or something.. A fresh start is always good though. Unless it’s not.

Rokan is my 3rd favorite chihuahua I have.. out of three. He barks wayy too much at night, but I wouldn’t know, being a heavy sleeper, though not heavy. I weigh an average of 115 pounds (my average). I’m not worth 115 pounds though, maybe more. I haven’t been weighed in Europe yet.

On my way home, I encountered a random title.. The Police Force of Brintington. It’s funny to me, something I’ll keep in mind. I also came up with two names: Freddie Campus and Tom Fimbernickel. Funny right..? I may write a story concerning this one day.